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The Fine Print of Grubhub’s $100 Million Relief Program for Ailing Restaurants

Ordering delivery has become a key way for diners to support restaurants — if not delivery drivers — as dining rooms around the country shut down to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. Earlier this week, Grubhub made news by announcing that it would defer collection of up to $100 million in commissions as its way of helping the restaurant industry in a time…
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Up to 91% More Expensive: How Delivery Apps Eat Up Your Budget

SOURCE: NY TIMES Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates might be convenient, but the apps are making you pay a juicy premium. After a long day, you have probably done some back-of-the-napkin math and decided there was no point in going out for dinner when you could get food brought to your door for the same…
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What Restaurants Can Do to Survive the Corona Outbreak

What to do to reduce loss and risks in restaurants due to COVID-19 Don’t stop food production. Statewide bans only pertain to serving food within the premises. You can still do take out and delivery! Don’t Let Your Staff Go Just Yet! Start selling online from your own website Why you should sell from your…
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