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Develop optimal marketing strategies through all stages of business growth.


Know your market. Identify and connect with your target audience.


Generate greater revenue. Gain market share. Eliminate the guesswork.


Make the Rules creative and powerful executive and mother

Our organization implements an original attitude and process that can inspire women. Inspired by motherhood, I use modern technology, courage, and open-mindedness to create solutions for our customers and to build a strong, loving family.


Do you know? The 5 biggest companies in the world are Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook!

This should tell you something. If you have not invested enough in an online presence for your company, you will be beat!
If we have learned anything from COVID-19, it must be that the internet is crucial to contributing to the success of your business. 


Power your business into the future with our web solutions.

Choose the solution to developing your brand that many other successful companies have come to depend on.

We are the champions you want on your team.

BeatYourAds is the jet fuel you need to get your business in front of your consumers and out in front of your competition. 


We understand the business process better than the rest. The key to marketing success is establishing a conversation with the consumer and giving them what they want.  


We implement programs that your consumers actually want to engage. Create a social media footprint that intelligently compliments your core competencies.


Create through the medium that most grabs the consumer’s attention. Collaborate with BeatYourAds to launch campaigns that people want to see and share!


Reach out across all social media platforms. Deploy campaigns that are effective and that convert interactions into what will most positively enhance your profitability.

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Email Marketing: Get Passed the Algorithms and Talk to Your Customers!

There are a multitude of reasons to use email to establish a connection with your audience. Here are just a few. Because You Care! Businesses should develop their marketing strategies[…]

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Running a Political Campaign

Politics and social media marketing are inextricably intertwined. Those seeking office must be aware that they pursue becoming the “officials” of the fray. It is a big responsibility. It is[…]

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Marketing: Tell Your Story, Survey the Market, Know Your Competition

The narrative is more important than ever. You can’t always lead in technology. In a world that is rapidly changing, a unique narrative separates the marketing of your business from[…]

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Interstellar Champions!

Courtney and Billy Lee are the dynamic duo who lead BeatYourAds. Unbound by the limitations of ordinary, earthly marketing firms, their connection to the celestial will put your firm ahead of the competition!

Courtney Lee


Billy Lee

Creative Director

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