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Attention: Your Cat Can Be in the New Garfield Movie?! -Marketing Genius!

By Billy Lee The New Garfield Movie is Coming and Your Cat Can Be In It! (See new trailer at bottom for details 👇) Jim Davis’ Garfield and his business savvy has inspired us over the years! As a youngster, Garfield was one of the first cartoons I began to draw. Jim Davis inspired me…
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Email Marketing: Get Passed the Algorithms and Talk to Your Customers!

There are a multitude of reasons to use email to establish a connection with your audience. Here are just a few. Because You Care! Businesses should develop their marketing strategies like their customers are all potential Fan Club Members! This might sound like a clichĂ©, but any company that believes in its product or service…
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Running a Political Campaign

Politics and social media marketing are inextricably intertwined. Those seeking office must be aware that they pursue becoming the “officials” of the fray. It is a big responsibility. It is a lofty goal and not for the faint of heart. Beat Your Ads Marketing, with some of the best talent in the business, can help…
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Marketing: Tell Your Story, Survey the Market, Know Your Competition

The narrative is more important than ever. You can’t always lead in technology. In a world that is rapidly changing, a unique narrative separates the marketing of your business from the rest. First, you must obviously be competitive in offering quality services to your clients. But, this only puts you in the game. With technology…
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Viral Petitions All Have These 3 Things in Common

SOURCE: FAST COMPANY Let’s say you’re an activist and you want to right some wrongs in the world. One good way is to apply rally support for your cause through an online petition. But there’s also a right and wrong way to do that. For instance, the most common words that people use to start most…
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