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Make Your Rules: Creative and Powerful / Executive and Mother! #BeWoman

Make Your Rules: Creative and Powerful / Executive and Mother! #BeWoman

My organization implements an original attitude and process that can inspire women. Inspired by motherhood, I use modern technology, courage, and open-mindedness to create solutions for our customers and to build a strong, loving family.

A woman does not have to conform to today’s MAINSTREAM liberation ideas that are mostly arbitrary. The time to borrow ideas from a dated, intellectually vacuous female liberation movement is over.

Be Female and Strong. Maintain Essential Womanhood.

Too many have unreservedly made it their mission to emulate the man – to wake up, check the stocks, be served at the kitchen table, head to work, dominate the boardroom, commute back to work, be served dinner, and finally recline in the rec room to recount the war stories of the day.

I do not want to be a man, much less to copy his actions at the height of the social order of the 1950’s!

Many women have essentially made it their motivation to mimic the lifestyle of the 1950’s male. This wounds the women’s movement and restricts us.

The movement that blindly pushes us to be like the man is a prison to women.

It is not forward thinking. It is reactionary. It is not liberating and imaginative. It overlooks what is essentially woman and exists as a shallow, vindictive pantomime. It suffocates and robs us of our most powerful role. It is a deceit.

If You Want to be a Liberated Woman, be Woman.

BeatYourAds breaks rules and follows the strongest inspiration!

We do not follow arbitrary rules that flow from a spirit of blind opposition, antagonism, and anger.

I follow a calling that flows from what is essentially female – my motherly nature – my supreme, most powerful, and essential state. The motherly nature is a state of nature that the man cannot possess and puts him in position to prove his worth. All women are in possession of the motherly nature and none should reject this. This should be fostered.

I strive to live and present this example to my daughters – a living example of how to live a satisfying, love-filled life. The power produced by working, creating, and collaborating with sacrificial love in your heart will make you a killer in the boardroom and in business. It will fill you with assurance. It will erase hesitancy. It will abolish feelings of self consciousness.

I am an executive and mother inspired by a spirit passed down from the ages and empowered by the opportunities presented by the technological progress of the day!